Honestly, I believe the pros overpower the cons when it comes to the nuclear power becoming a main form of energy. Nuclear energy is a sustainable way to use energy without the extraneous amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the air everyday. Fossil fuels are exhaustible resources which will one day eventually run out. In 2007, America  imported about of 3,600,000,000  barrels. Of the 3.6 billion barrles, the U.S. imported from a total of 45 different countries. Dependence on OPEC countries exporting oil into America is at an increase, but with this energy crisis, new forms of energy must be upheld. The dependence on foreign oil in countries that are unstable such as Iraq questions are priority for energy security. If this supply were to be cut off, America would be in an energy crisis, but that’s where nuclear energy plays it’s part. If nuclear energy was put into play, Western countries could achieve independence for energy.

Also, Vattenfall Energy produced an environmental statement expressing that the nuclear power plants they own let out less than one hundreth the greenhouse gases of coal or Gas fired power stations. Virtually, the use of nuclear energy would cause little to no pollution.

Furthermore, In the book Why vs. Why: Nuclear Power by Ian Lowe and Barry Brook, the authors argue the nuclear energy’s pros and cons. It presents facts such as how renewable energy won’t solve the energy and climate crises. Also the book informs us that the true costs for the fossil fuels are lower than renewable resources and fossil fuels. The book also states that nuclear power poses many threats to people and the environment. Burning coal, gasoline, and other fossil fuels increase Co2 levels, which in turn causes harm to the environment. It also harms the people due Carbon dioxide filling into the air. If anything, Nuclear power provides a cleaner and safe way to use energy.